1. Fav strategy

Back any player SP < 1.50 in the following odds ranges while receiving: (if you like it trade only top30 ranked players when in this area)

  1. 2.00 – 2.50, stake x
  2. > 5.00, stake 2x

If no comeback from a. continue with b.

Using the suggested stakes, when at least 1 break materialises – you will be in profits. Hedge that and stop trading the match.


2.AH ahead

Tennis matched give a set AH in games per player. you can find that before match from pinnacle or bet365 ( ah that makes players odds close to 2.00)

The player first to override that number in the match is the one with more chances to win it.

If after overriding he goes back to hit 2.00 odds, backing him is a value bet.